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  • Maybe this has already been posted but we are a small organization (18 employees) and we currently have no group health care coverage due to the cost. We also do not have short (or long) term disability coverage option and would like one. Does anyone ...

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    I will 2nd the recommendation of EBC (Employee Benefits Corporation). We only switched last year from another vendor and it has been night and day. Very happy with the switch. ------------------------------ Carole Murphy Director of Human Resources ...

  • HR Team, I am conducting research and would appreciate your input with regards to planning for an offsite team building event for my senior leadership team. This could include a self-development, leadership, or compliance workshop or event followed ...

  • Good Morning, @Tracy Domzalski ! HR Source has a sample policy available for blood and organ donation leave - I'll send it your way. (For others - just reach out to the Hotline and we'll be happy to share!) ------------------------------ Ben Opp, SPHR ...

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    Al, I just sat through another AI session and is was really great! His name is Kevin Surace. Not sure if anyone else has heard him speak but worth it if you get a chance. It got me wondering if anyone has had an AI instructor come to your facility ...

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