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  • You will all have to report back about the sessions and speakers you enjoyed most! Hope it works out and you're able to connect while you're there. It will definitely be crowded! Enjoy! ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Tara, We are using Shred-It for the first time and so far the experience has gone well. We are not scheduled to have items shred until June 27th, so we are about half way through the process. ...

  • Hi Jodi: We offer a DEI self-assessment as well as an assessment of recruiting processes through a DEI lens. You can find more information here. Feel free to reach out regarding any additional questions ...

  • Good morning Nichele, If you know in advance that the 3-4 week layoff period is coming, could you arrange for these employees to "pre-pay" the benefit premium deductions prior to the start of the layoff ...

  • Good Morning to All! We do not have a reimbursement policy for public transportation, however we do pay the employee for the entire day (8 hours) and will have the employee submit any receipts. We do ...

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