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    Staff Development

    Hello All~ I have just received added responsibilities to my position as Director of HR which include staff development. Although, I've been doing some of this already, now it's actually going to be a more focused part of my job along with a title change. ...

  • Good morning! I am looking for insight on doctor certification for a FMLA intermittent leave. The employee just turned in paperwork for an ADA accomodation and the doctor stated she may need intermittent time off during her flare ups. The employee is ...

  • My recommendation is to ensure that the Board of Directors is engaged in the evaluation process, and decides whether to include staff input, as well. A 360 eval can be useful, if executed - and used - properly by the parties involved. ------------------------------ ...

  • I have worked with Thom Info Tech in West Chicago for over 20 years with 4 different employers. Each time I have contracted with them they cleaned up major messes left behind by the previous provider. Knowledgeable, neat, professional, and excellent ...

  • Hi Leslie, I'm commenting here to bring your question back to the top of the discussion post list. I'm sure there are some members using Paycom out there. Does anyone have any experience to share with Leslie and her team? ------------------------------ ...

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