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  • Thank you so much Lynn. ------------------------------ Vanessa Godina HR Manager Gold Eagle Company ------------------------------

  • Yes, we have a policy. We documented what we already had in place which complies with the OSHA rule . This is now in play for if/when the proposed new rule goes into play. ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you so much Mary!! You rock!! ------------------------------ Vanessa Godina HR Manager Gold Eagle Company ------------------------------

  • Hello - As part of my role in the manufacturing industry, I'm working on projecting next year's trainings hour per employee. While this year's baseline is 22 hours per employee, I've noticed that the ...

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    RE: First Amendment in Libraries In Regards to Ant ...

    This message was posted by a member who chose not to be identified. My questions would be: Do you have a policy against it? Was he disturbing the peace like yelling about his racist beliefs? This particular ...

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