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  • I am proud to say that next year The Urbana Free Library will celebrate our 150th anniversary! Founded in 1874, we were one of the first public libraries in Illinois. ------------------------------ Dawn Cassady Associate Director The Urbana Free Library ...

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  • Hi Laura, Yes, I conducted several RIF's and did offer severance packages too. You are welcome to reach out to me for detailed specifics. Thanks, Jose M Guajardo MSHR ------------------------------ Jose Guajardo Human Resources Director Chicago ...

  • Thanks! That's what I thought! Dana Burdenski, PHR, SHRM-CP Human Resources Manager Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of the USA 425 West Diversey Parkway Chicago, IL 60614-6196 Phone/Text: 773.755.4908 Fax: ...

  • Thanks for updating all of us, Naveen! That's great that it was so well received. Sleep is a good topic to follow it up with - keep us posted on how that session goes, too! ------------------------------ Julie Belloli, CAE (She/Her) Your HR Exchange ...

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  • Good afternoon everyone! I'd like to explore the possibility of establishing an Employee of the Month award to acknowledge the exceptional contributions our staff makes to both the library and our community. Do you have a system in place for collecting ...

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